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Muscle Gain Truth Review

Monday, January 28th, 2008

Sean Nalewanyj’s Muscle Gain Truth is one of the most sold body building programs on the
Internet. Is is the ultimate Body Building system sculpting your perfect body in less than 4 months or just another miracle "get muscles fast" system?

I’m a born sceptic, whenever I hear about how easy something is, or how much money you can make in 24 hours, my first response is… "Yeah right". So when Sean Nalewanyj the author of  "The Truth About Building Muscle" tells people you can get ripped only working out 24 minutes a day, my radar goes active and I start thinking scam…

Of course the job of a skeptic is to prove something is bogus, not to preach about it; that said lets jump right in and find out if you can actually get ripped abs, or simply ripped off.


Who is Sean Nalewanyj?

The first line on his website says… As Seen In The New York Times.

Okay, that should be easy enough to check out… Yes they did mention him… it’s an article about multiple health and fitness related products, but his name is there, so score 1 for Sean Nalewanyj.



Next I sent him an email with some questions. And I received a helpful response in less than 2 hours. Sean seems to be a nice guy.


What is Muscle Gain Truth About?

Muscle Gain Truth a step-by-step muscle building program. As Sean mentions "building muscle is one of the simplest things to understand but one of the most difficult to implement." Sean covers the basic principles you need to undersstand to gain weight in a simple way. He always explains what exercises to do and why.

My favorite part is the workout section. It includes everything you need to know
to gain muscle fasts: warming up, stretching, exercises with detailed images and
videos and tips on how to perform the workouts the most efficient way.

How many times a week do you need to perform workouts? Three intense workouts
for 60 minutes a week are required to get successful with Sean’s program. The
resting days are a neccessity and many beginners who start doing exercises 6-7
days a week don’t get this: No results without resting. There’s a separate
chapter with the title "Rest and Recovery" explaining this in detail.

I hadn’t even mentioned the video bonus lessons; where he offers powerful tricks
and tips to heap you reach your goals.

What about Nutrition?

Sean is absolutely to the point when it comes to the right nutrition for body
builders. No muscle gain without the right body supply. What I like is that you
receive detailed information when to eat what and how much. It’s easy to apply.
Especially the chapter called "Critical Feeding Times" tells you exactly what to
eat when you body is begging for nutrition. Get this wrong and you’ll have
problems to efficiently gain muscles.

Is the program recommending supplements?
There’s a lot of hype about supplements. But Sean doesn’t follow it. He explains
that there are very few supplements that work and he shows how to use them.


Who will benefit most from Muscle Gain Truth by Sean Nalewanyj?

It’s for everybody and anyone who wants to get a ripped body. It doesn’t matter
whether you are fat, skinny, young or old.


Are therey any downsides?

The program comes with a 249 (!) page guide, over 100 weightlifting exercises,
audio courses, workout plans, progress and tracking software. That’s why too

I don’t want to spend 30 hours to read through everyhting. Here’s a little tip:
Start with main guide which you can read in 2-3 hours, define your goals and
then start watching the online muscle building. This will the most efficient way
to get it started.


- Comprehensive package (249 pages, over 100 weightlifting exercises)
- Effective goal setting and motivation chapter
- Easy to follow nutrition section (when, what and how much to eat)
- Progress tracker will keep you on track
- detailed images and videos for exercises
- personal email coaching from Sean
- lots of bonus products
- 8 week money back guarantee


- You can be overhelmed with all the material at the begining (see my tip)
- Price is on the higher side (but completely worth for all the material you get)


The Final Verdict

Sean Nalewanyj’s Muscle Gain Truth is currently our top recommened Body
Building program online. it seems Sean Nalewanyj has received tenure in a field where few are telling the truth.

The price is on the higher side with $77 for the normal and $107 for the Gold Package. But with the comprehensive package covering everything you need to know to gain muscles fast the price is well worth it.

Like with all effective body building programs – there are no quick schemes. You need to make the commitment to read the ebook once or better twice and then take action. The good things is that you don’t need to perform workouts daily, 3 times a week for 60 minutes will show very good results. But it requires the discipline to stick to your plan.


Guarantee: 8 weeks Money-back Guarantee


Price: $77 instant download, 12 Video and Audio Bonuses included



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