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Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle Review

Monday, January 21st, 2008


Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle
has been one of the top selling fat loss ebook for the last 3-4 years. Does it deserve it’s leading status or is it just another hyped up fitness program? Let’s find it out.


Who in the Heck is Tom Venuto?

Tom Venuto
has been a bodybuilder for 23 years and competing for 17. He has been a personal trainer to the stars, believes in, practices and teaches good nutrition and is a man on a mission. His mission is to cut through the hype and provide detailed and in-depth information about what works in the diet and weight loss industry.

Mr. Venuto has a philosophy which he is happy to share in person or via his thoroughly researched and detailed weight loss book "Burn The Fat". He doesn’t believe in relying on supplements, instead giving your body the rest, exercise and nutrition it needs, and developing a large range plan for fitness.

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What is Burn The Fat Feed That Muscle About?

As the title describes it’s a fat burn program and not a body building
program. But it’s one of the most comprehensive fat loss guides I’ve ever seen.

The main guide has 337 pages and is divided into 17 chapters. 

The first chapter is called "How to Set Powerful, Compelling Goals That Will
Propel You Forward and Charge You Up with Unstoppable Motivation". Based on my
experience goal setting and motivation are a very important success factors for
losing weight effectively. And Tom does a good job here and using some aspects
that highly successful people apply as well.


An important ratio in Burn The Fat is called the Fat to Muscle Ratio. Tom Venuto explains the principle on over 15 pages in chapter 3. Although the ratio is important most people will understand this rather quickly and 15 pages about this topic is a little over the top.

The chapter about the best weight loss exercises provides some interesting
insights. A lot of people will notice that they’ve performed the wrong
exercises, the ones which aren’t effective for losing weight.

The nutrition section outlines a basic formula for defining the required
calories per day. Tom suggest to take several meals per day.

Cardio training is covered as well. The combination of diet, workouts and cardio
is the key to a fast weight loss.


Who will benefit from Burn the Fat?


Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle (BFFM) is for anyone who need to lose weight.
Women or man, young and older, beginners, intermediates or experienced fitness people, everybody will be able to lose fat effectively. Although it is targeted towards people who want to lose fat the healthy way it’s a must read for body builders as well.

Please keep in mind that the success of the program depends on motivation and discipline. If you’re looking for a short cut and want just skimm through the book then this it not for you.


Are there any downsides?

The sheer amount of information you get can be an overload at the beginning. My
tip start with the 1. chapter about motivation and don’t start reading the bonus
before you complete the main guide.


- very comprehensive fat loss training guide
- Focus on Body Mass Index
- Very helpful chapter about goal setting and motivation
- Exercises are easy to apply
- Works for women and men, beginners, intermediate and advanced
- Not depending on supplements
- Helpful email support
- 8 weeks 100% Money-back Guarantee


- Information overload when you start out (over 300 pages plus Bonuses)
- Time committment required to successfuly lose weight



The Final Verdict?


Burn The Fat Feed the Muscle is (BFFM) is a 337 page fat burning success manual, written by a man who knows what he is talking about. The book is modestly priced at $39.95 and if you’re sitting on the fence wondering which fat loss book to buy, I heartily encourage your to consider "Burn The Fat, Feed the Muscle" and it received my highest endorsement.


Is this the right book for you? Well I want to caution you, this is an in-depth
book that delves deep, it’s isn’t something you’ll push through in one evening,
then wake up 5 pounds lighter. This is a book about goal setting and changing
the way you think about fitness, food and lifestyle. This is in-depth knowledge
that you can begin reading today, but continue to find solid and beneficial
information for the rest of your life. "Burn The Fat, Feed the Muscle" is for
the person who is ready to take control of their weight, health and lifestyle.
If this is you, I recommend it highly.


Guarantee: 8 weeks 100% Money-back Guarantee - no questions asked


Price: $39.95 instant download, 6 Bonuses included


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