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FEATURED: Muscle Gain Truth Review

January 28th, 2008
Editor Rating:
Rating: 5

Sean Nalewanyj's Muscle Gain Truth is one of the most sold body building programs on the Internet. Is is the ultimate Body Building system sculpting your perfect body in less than 4 months or just another miracle "get muscles fast" system?

I'm a born sceptic, whenever I hear about how easy something is, or how much money you can make in 24 hours, my first response is… "Yeah right". So when Sean Nalewanyj the author of  "The Truth About Building Muscle" tells people you can get ripped only working out 24 minutes a day, my radar goes active and I start thinking scam…

Of course the job of a skeptic is to prove something is bogus, not to preach about it; that said lets jump right in and find out if you can actually get ripped abs, or simply ripped off.


Who is Sean Nalewanyj?

The first line on his website says… As Seen In The New York Times.

Okay, that should be easy enough to check out… Yes they did mention him… it's an article about multiple health and fitness related products, but his name is there, so score 1 for Sean Nalewanyj.



Next I sent him an email with some questions. And I received a helpful response in less than 2 hours. Sean seems to be a nice guy.


What is Muscle Gain Truth About?

Muscle Gain Truth a step-by-step muscle building program. As Sean mentions "building muscle is one of the simplest things to understand but one of the most difficult to implement." Sean covers the basic principles you need to undersstand to gain weight in a simple way. He always explains what exercises to do and why.

My favorite part is the workout section. It includes everything you need to know to gain muscle fasts: warming up, stretching, exercises with detailed images and videos and tips on how to perform the workouts the most efficient way.

How many times a week do you need to perform workouts? Three intense w
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FEATURED: Vince DelMonte No-Nonsense Muscle Building Review

January 22nd, 2008
Editor Rating:
Rating: 4.5

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Vince DelMonte No-Nonsense Muscle Building Review

January 22nd, 2008
Editor Rating:
Rating: 4.5

Vince DelMonte’s No-nonsense Muscle Building program is one of the three most sold body builder programs on the Internet. As many other similar products it claims that the skinny guy can instantly adding massive amounts of rock-hard muscles.

Ok, this sound like another overhyped product.  It seems every single day my in-box is flooded with the latest and greatest… (fill-in-blank) diets, fitness strategy and get rich scheme. Is No- Nonsense Muscle Building Fact, Fantasy or Fabrication?


Who is Vince DelMonte?

So here’s the simple question is Vince DelMonte a scam, hype artist or fitness guru, let’s find out.

In checking the Vince DelMonte website I see the typical "before and after"photos showing his rise from weakling to national champion. That’s proof he looks good now, but not that he used the methods he’s teaching to achieve his ripped look.

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I’m not overly impressed with his audio introduction, but he’s not a speaker, he’s a fitness guru, so we’ll leave that out of the equation.

Member of the "Better Business Bureau"… now that’s a good sign and says he provides customer service and a money back guarantee.

He claims he’s a contributor to Men’s Fitness Magazine, so let’s examine that further, they’re a reputable national magazine and wouldn’t endorse someone who was "fly-by-night". Searching his name I find he has contributed to Men’s Fitness, based on that he’s not a scam artist so we’ll delve a bit deeper into his teaching methods.


What is No Nonsense Muscle Building about?

The Nononsense Muscle Building program is based on the system Vince used to get 1st place in a Canadian Fitness contest.

It includes a 190 page ebook, 29 week roadmap, nutrition guide, 3 months email support and 3 hours of recorded teleseminars.

Here’s an excerpt of the Table of Content

- How To Build Muscle
- Recovery Methods - Accelerate Recovery
- Maximizing Hormones For Maximal Muscle Building & Fat Loss
- Massive Eating & Nutrition
- Injury Prevention & Avoiding The Causes
- No Nonsense Maximum Muscle Growth Program


The approach is coming from the "fitness modell physique" rather than from a heavy body builder approach. It’s the system Vince used to become a fitness content

Once you defined your personal goals and started using the right mindset Vince
walks you through the 9 growth principles that his workout methods are based on.
It’s pretty simple and easy to understand. You need to start with this part as
it’s absolutely critical to understand the principles to avoid mistakes when doing exercises.

A good point which Vince emphasizes is the rest and recovery principle. You
can’t gain muscles without having resting days allowing your body to recover.

I didn’t understand the detailed training workout program fully when I read it
for the first time. After two more read it’s getting clearer and makes complete
sense. A great help is the 52 week workout-plan where you’ll find a calendar
showing your dailey workout sessions.


How often to do workouts?

It’s recommended to perform three times a week maxium one hour intense workouts in the gym.


Vince DelMonte’s program also covers Cardio Training and Dieting, which are
very important but often neglected in Body Building programs. A helpful and easy to use tool is the online calculator for the calculation of your required daily calories.

What about Supplements? Well, Vince doesn’t like supplements in general with exception of creatine and glutamine. He also gives you instruction how to mix your own muscle weight gain shakes.


Who will benefit from this?

Best of all, this is the only muscle building program I’ve seen that is equally
suited to both males and females.

And Vince doesn’t accept excuses from people complaining about their genetics or body types. So everybody can benefit from his program.


Are there any Downsides?

As mentioned the detailed training program was difficult to understand when I
first read it. I recommend to use the 52 week workout-plan which makes it much

As with a lot of those Body Builder program you are overhelmed with all the information you get. I recommend to start with the basic principles and go trhough the daily step-by-step plan for best results.


- Goal Setting and Mindset chapters help to reduce laziness
- Detailed workout descriptions
- Useful 52-week workout plan
- Cardio and Diet aspects covered
- Suited for men and women
- Supplements kept to a minimum
- Personal Email Coaching
- 8 Weeks Money-back Guarantee


- Information overload when you start out, see my tip below


The Final Verdict?


Vince DelMonte’s No-nonsense Muscle Building program is a comprehensive and effective program to gain muscles. The only thing which can you stop you from
gaining muscles fast is your laziness. And Vince provides easy steps to overcome
this and replace it with confidence.


Anyone who is serious about building muscle owns themselves the opportunity this muscle building course will give them.


Guarantee: 8 weeks Money-back Guarantee


Price: $97 instant download including 10 Bonuses (Email Coaching, Videos, Audios, Ebooks, Plans)


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