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FEATURED: Muscle Gain Truth Review

January 28th, 2008
Editor Rating:
Rating: 5

Sean Nalewanyj's Muscle Gain Truth is one of the most sold body building programs on the Internet. Is is the ultimate Body Building system sculpting your perfect body in less than 4 months or just another miracle "get muscles fast" system?

I'm a born sceptic, whenever I hear about how easy something is, or how much money you can make in 24 hours, my first response is… "Yeah right". So when Sean Nalewanyj the author of  "The Truth About Building Muscle" tells people you can get ripped only working out 24 minutes a day, my radar goes active and I start thinking scam…

Of course the job of a skeptic is to prove something is bogus, not to preach about it; that said lets jump right in and find out if you can actually get ripped abs, or simply ripped off.


Who is Sean Nalewanyj?

The first line on his website says… As Seen In The New York Times.

Okay, that should be easy enough to check out… Yes they did mention him… it's an article about multiple health and fitness related products, but his name is there, so score 1 for Sean Nalewanyj.



Next I sent him an email with some questions. And I received a helpful response in less than 2 hours. Sean seems to be a nice guy.


What is Muscle Gain Truth About?

Muscle Gain Truth a step-by-step muscle building program. As Sean mentions "building muscle is one of the simplest things to understand but one of the most difficult to implement." Sean covers the basic principles you need to undersstand to gain weight in a simple way. He always explains what exercises to do and why.

My favorite part is the workout section. It includes everything you need to know to gain muscle fasts: warming up, stretching, exercises with detailed images and videos and tips on how to perform the workouts the most efficient way.

How many times a week do you need to perform workouts? Three intense w
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FEATURED: Vince DelMonte No-Nonsense Muscle Building Review

January 22nd, 2008
Editor Rating:
Rating: 4.5

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Get Shredded by Shawn LeBrun Review

January 21st, 2008
Editor Rating:
Rating: 2


Will Shawn LeBrun Book Get Shredded Do More Harm Than Good?

I don’t know Shawn LeBrun personally and there is little doubt he could send me flying across the parking lot with a sweep of his arm… can you say… "Pump Me Up!", so I’m going to say cautiously and with respect… "Shawn, you better watch what you’re saying bud".

Okay, I’m going to be quick with this before I run in hide… he may be friends with "ArrrNald" and I certainly don’t need the terminator ringing my doorbell…
"Sarah Conner?"… "No just me… a writer carving out a living."


What worries me about "Get Shredded" is not the fact that it might work, it’s the fact that if it does, what are you doing to your body, going from anywhere to ripped in 63 days is sheer madness. Speaking of Arnold Schwarzenegger, "The Austrian Oak", he years training, and I doubt seriously he recommend anyone going on a crash program for 63 days.


With respect to Shawn LeBrun it seems he can deliver on his promises, my question is simple… should he? The reader (that’s you of course) will have to make the final decision and whether you’re a 98 pound weakling hoping for a better life, or a middle management worker striving to lose those "love handles", getting ripped is not an end in itself, rather part of an overall healthy lifestyle; a lifestyle that promotes changing the way you live, not going racing toward a 63 day finish line.


If you’ll visit his website, you’ll see plenty of pictures of teens and adult who have packed on the muscle, and claim to have done so in 12 weeks or less.
I’m certainly not calling them liars; I am saying that "Get Shredded" is only one part of a total fitness program that should be used by anyone serious about obtaining optimum health.


Anytime you create a product, good, bad or indifferent there will be fans and critics, in this case I’m somewhere I the middle. Shawn it seems has articles and students all across the net, most claiming to be zealots, and some saying he transformed their lives. Am I wrong to not jump on board?

No I’m not, we’re all entitled to our opinion, and mine is he goes too far, too
fast, but as mentioned above, that’s you’re call in the end. Perhaps an internet
writer such as me should "shut up" and not take on the likes of fitness gurus
who have written for Bodybuilding.com and Hardcore Muscle, I certainly don’t
have those credentials. What I do have is good common sense; the sense that
tells me "Get Shredded" should be looked at, but it should be done cautiously,
remembering the old adage…

"If it’s sounds too good to be true, it probably is".


Final Verdict


We live in a world with instant communication, I can post a video or send an
email and it’s immediately available to a worldwide audience. Shouldn’t we
expect the same when it comes to health, fitness and muscle gain? And the answer
is a resounding "no", our bodies and lifestyle decision are not based on "instant
gratification", rather on sound decisions that become apparent over time.

Shawn LeBrun’s "Get Shredded" offers results that seem to be based on today’s instant messages…
"Hi, wanna get ripped"… and with a click of the mouse we’ve got six pack abs.
Sorry doesn’t work that way Shawn, and while I’m sure your methods may work in
the short term, I want results that will give me a healthy lifestyle for years
to come. If that makes you made and you decide to send "ArrrNald" in my
direction, guess I better get packing.



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